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About Me

Producer/director. Videographer. Photographer.
I've always been attracted to the power that images have to communicate and to express emotions. It’s amazing the way they go beyond words and make great impact on people and ideas.
After studying Audiovisual Communication in Madrid, Spain, and Film, TV and New Media in San Diego, CA., I’ve worked and have been involved in a large range of projects, encompassing different areas. Starting as a Production Assistant for a multimedia production company, I followed as 3rd Assistant Director for a TV series. Eventually, with my own equipment I have been freelancing for several companies, involved in projects producing, directing, behind the camera, and editing. These include videoclips, concerts, promotions, interviews, corporate events, weddings, content for social media, video dance, architecture photography and videography, and more. I’ve also collaborated with artists, and have produced my own creations, exploring my artistic inner-self.
I always work with a sense of great responsibility, dedication, empathy and enthusiasm, listening to others as well as contributing my assets and creativity to the fullest, with each new challenge that I engage in
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Kos León
Black Note
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